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The Learning Centre: Writing

Writing Handouts and Resources

Find a handout or web resource to improve your writing, grammar and citation skills. Popular handouts include:
  • Generating Ideas & Gathering Information
  • Organizing your ideas
  • Paper Structure
  • Using Sources


In your tutoring session, we will help you by:
  • discussing the assignment instructions to help you understand what the instructor is asking you to do
  • answering your questions about your assignment
  • asking you to explain confusing or problem parts in the assignment
  • suggesting techniques for improving your reading, writing, and study skills
  • providing skill development exercises to help you work on weaknesses we notice in your school work 
In pieces of writing with many punctuation, grammar, or formatting errors, we will limit our help by:
  • choosing only one or more serious errors
  • showing you how to fix errors by using separate examples and guiding you to helpful resources
  • giving editing advice and practice so that you learn how to improve your own editing skills
  • suggesting that you ask your instructor for answers to questions that the peer tutor cannot answer

Writing Appointments

Peer tutors can help with written assignments for all courses at any stage of the process, including essays, research papers, proposals and lab reports.

Tutoring Sessions
Choose 25 minute or 50 minute sessions with a tutor for help with specific questions about your coursework.
Ongoing Tutoring
Tutors can reserve ongoing sessions for you to work on specific assignments and skills. Ask your tutor during your sessions to plan ongoing appointments with you

Online Tutoring

Do you need help for an assignment or have a question and cannot make it to the Learning Centre? - Take advantage of our Online Tutoring!

Tutors are available online throughout the semester to help answer your academic writing questions whether it's grammar, writing, and study skills. Expect a reply within 48 hours. 
More information about Online Tutoring and how to submit a paper

Online Tutoring

Improve College English

Professional Tutors are available by appointment and drop-in for help with the English skills necessary for college work.  

More information and the current schedule.