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As Douglas College transitions to online classes, the Learning Centre has moved all of our tutoring online to continue to support you in your learning.   

All of our tutors are available for online appointments.


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Have a question? Need help finding an appointment? Not sure what to do first? 

The Virtual Front Desk is online Monday-Friday from 9am - 4:30pm.

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Writing process  prewriting, outlining, drafting, revising and integrating sources in APA, MLA, et al.
Grammar and punctuation editing for grammar errors, comma use, subject-verb agreement, and others
English language learning article use, editing for language errors, ESL learning
Study skills and strategies note-taking, procrastination, reading your text book, taking tests
Course content statistics, biology, pharmacology, math, computer science

About The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is here to help you become a successful student in your courses. 

In the Learning Centre, peer tutors work with you to improve your academic skills (writing, reading, study, math and computer skills) and your understanding of course concepts. Peer tutors are students who are hired and trained by the Learning Centre. They are not college instructors; when they can't help you, they may refer you to a Learning Centre faculty member or to your instructor.

All services provided by the Learning Centre are free to Douglas College students.


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