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The Learning Centre: English Language Tutoring


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Professional tutors are available to help individual students identify and improve English language reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. English Language Tutors work with you on the English skills you need in the Douglas College courses you are currently taking.

Register for a Workshop Join a workshop to focus on academic strategies you need to be successful in your courses and in learning online, led by Learning Centre instructors, English Language tutors and peer tutors. 


Basic Writing Resources

Introduction to Academic Writing 

  • The Basic Essay   A guide for how to structure the basic essay, including the introduction, a series of body paragraphs, and a conclusion.   

English Language Learning

Websites for Grammar Practice

  • English Page   Hundreds of free grammar and vocabulary exercises for English language learners  

  • Grammar Revolution  Videos and explanations that clearly explain a wide range of English grammar terms using a sentence diagramming approach.  

  • Grammar Bytes  Straight forward explanations (with exercises) for many English grammar terms and concepts.  

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing A range of useful handouts on grammar, English usage, and the writing process.  

Learning Languages

Learning Languages

English Learner's Dictionaries

English Learner's Dictionaries


  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online   A popular free online dictionary that helps you understand word meanings, see example sentences, and hear correct pronunciation. It is especially helpful to show you which words go together in English (collocations).    

  • Collins Online English Dictionary A free online dictionary that helps you understand word meanings, see example sentences, and hear correct pronunciation. 

  • Merriam Webster Learner's Dictionary: A free online dictionary that helps you understand word meanings, see example sentences, and hear correct American pronunciation. 

Listening and Speaking

   Listening / Reading Practice  

  • ESL Bits  Use English literature to practice your reading and listening skills at the same time with easy to follow short stories, novellas and full-length audio books.  

  • Deep English English listening, reading, and speaking practice through stories. 

  • CNN 10   Learn about current events while practicing English reading and listening skills. 

  • BBC 6 Minute listening practice with videos that come with supporting English learning materials to help you learn the latest phrases to use in your everyday conversations and improve your grammar and pronunciation. 

  • Understanding Idioms (Texas A&M)  This playlist contains short, humorous videos showing the meaning of various idioms in English.   

Language-related Grammar

Understanding Language-related Grammar Errors



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