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The Learning Centre: English Language Tutoring

English Language Tutoring is a service to help students develop written and spoken English language skills for Douglas College courses.  English Language Tutors  are TESL-trained, professional tutors.

Tutoring Sessions

English Language tutors meet with you one-on-one to discuss your writing process in 25-minute or 50-minute sessions. 

Your tutor can also reserve ongoing sessions for you for a few weeks at a time to work together on specific assignments and skills. 

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Winter 2019 Schedule

  Coquitlam New Westminster
Monday--   11:30 - 4:30
Tuesday 9:30 - 3 11:30 - 4:30
Wednesday 9:30 - 3 10:30 - 4:30
Thursday 9:30 - 3 10:30 - 4:30
Friday 9:30 - 3 --

Handouts and other Resources

Handouts with strategies and information to improve your writing, grammar and citation skills are available online and in the Learning Centre. 

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Tutoring Approach

English Language Tutors can help you by:

  • Discussing your assignment with you

  • Discussing English language weaknesses in your school work

  • Suggesting techniques and resources to improve your use of English

  • Providing exercises in grammar and other language development skills

Limits to help from a tutor may include:

  • choosing a limited number of the errors or patterns of errors to focus on

  • showing you how to fix errors by giving examples and providing resources

  • giving editing advice and practice to improve your own language skill

Note: We may suggest you speak to your instructor if you have questions that your tutor cannot answer.









Is English Language Tutoring for you?

  • Your primary language is not English (English is your second or additional language)
  • You would like English language help in your Douglas College classes (writing. speaking. reading. or listening).
  • You would like to work on improving the English you need for your college courses