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The Learning Centre: Study Skills

Study Skills and Online Learning

Tutors can review skills like memorization, organizing oral presentations, exam taking strategies and improved lecture note-taking to strategies for online learning and information about academic integrity.  

Book a Real-time Online Tutoring Session

Meet with a peer tutor to assess and build study strategies for academic success. Choose "Consultation" from the drop-down menu when you book an appointment to speak to a tutor about your needs.

Register for a Workshop Join a workshop to focus on academic strategies you need to be successful in your courses and in learning online, led by Learning Centre instructors, English Language tutors and peer tutors. 


Looking for online resources

Learning to Learn Online

Strategies and resources for online learning, communication, motivation and mental health.

Online Learning: Getting Started

Worried about the switch to online learning? This resource was created especially for Douglas College students and will guide you through the resources you might need. 


Making a Schedule

Study Skills Resource: Quiz

How are your Study Skills?

Find out by taking this quiz: 

intakes and learning plans

Learning Plans for Study Skills

Students wanting ongoing appointments with academic skills can choose to meet with a tutor for weekly sessions. The first appointment, called an Intake, will be scheduled with Learning Centre instructor or an experienced peer tutor. During this appointment, you will be asked questions about your needs and the skills you already bring with you. This information will be used to create a Learning Plan for you to work on weekly with a peer tutor.  



Study strategies

General Study Skills

Taking Tests

Test-Taking Skills

Working in Geoups

Working in Groups

Learning Languages

Learning Languages

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