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The Learning Centre: Study Skills Resources and Handouts

How are your Study Skills?

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Setting Up you Semester

General Study Skills

Creating a Good Study Atmosphere (pdf)

Improving Concentration (pdf)

Lecture Notetaking (pdf)

Scheduling Time (video)

Great Study Techniques (video)

Student Success

Stress Reduction Strategies at Crunch Time (pdf)

Connecting with Other Students (video)

Better Health = Better Students (video)

Top 10 Student Success Tips (video)

Test Taking

Essay-Exam-Taking Strategy (pdf)

Math Test Taking: Tutors' Perspectives (pdf)

Exam Preparation & Memory (pdf)

Strategies for Writing Multiple Choice Exams (pdf)

The ABCs of Writing Multiple Choice Exams (video)

Language Learning Skills

Remembering New Words: Improving your Vocabulary (pdf)

Understanding Vocabulary in Context (pdf)

Improving Second Language Fluency (pdf)

Improving Reading Fluency in a Second Language  (pdf)

Improving Writing Fluency in a Second Language  (pdf)


Elements for Analyzing Fiction (pdf)

Discovering Themes in Literature (pdf)

Steps for Textbook Reading (pdf)

Skimming (pdf)

Recognizing Logical Fallacies (pdf)

Using Mnemonic Devices (pdf)


Oral Presentations

Preparing for Oral Presentations (pdf)

Organizing an Oral Presentation (pdf)

Dealing with Nervousness in Oral Presentations (pdf)

Math and Science Study Skills

Math Study Skills

Math Study Skills: Quick Tips (pdf)

Study Skills for Math (video)

Tips for Surviving Math (pdf)

Busn, Acct. and Math Study Tips (pdf)

Using your Accounting Textbook (pdf)

Business Accounting and Math (pdf)

Science Study Skills: A Tutors Perspective (pdf)

Tips for Success in Biology (pdf)

Using Mnemonic Devices (pdf)

Working in Groups

Creating Effective Study Groups (pdf)

Study Groups (video)


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