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The Learning Centre: Online Writing and Questions

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About Online Tutoring

How do I get a response from a tutor?

You submit your draft for review using the same scheduling system where you make tutoring appointments. Choose a time you'd like your draft returned to you, and upload your assignment instructions and your draft.


What do tutors provide help with?

  • Following assignment instructions
  • Timing and planning for the work of writing assignments
  • Developing and clarifying your thesis
  • Organizing, supporting, and explaining your points
  • Writing clearly and concisely
  • Identifying error patterns so that you can improve your editing skills
  • Using computers effectively for academic writing


Who are the Douglas College online tutors?

Peer tutors in the Douglas College Learning Centre are students at BC universities and colleges. They are experienced academic writers who have firsthand knowledge and experience of what college instructors expect from written assignments. 


What is the Online Tutoring Philosophy?

We have two goals in our writing tutoring:

  1. tutors take on the role of informed peer readers to let student writers know how their papers come across to other students
  2. tutors use students' papers and questions as opportunities to suggest improvements in writing process and writing practice.

The role tutors do not take on is copy editor; we will not fix students' papers for them.


ASK A QUESTION about your writing

Online peer tutors respond within 48 hours, and sooner during our open hours. 

Please e-mail for further assistance. 

WriteAway ‚Äč

WriteAway is a service in BC that gives students at participating institutions the opportunity to receive online writing assistance. Qualified tutors from each of the participating institutions staff the service and provide feedback on students' draft writing assignments.

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