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The Learning Centre: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Douglas College Learning Centre endeavours to support students in their efforts to develop study strategies and academic skills required for academic success.

Tutoring approach

The Learning Centre is here to help you become more successful in your courses. Peer tutors can help you work on your academic skills (writing, reading, study, math and computer skills) and your understanding of course concepts.

Peer tutors are students who are hired and trained by the Learning Centre. They are not college instructors; when they can't help you, they may refer you to a Learning Centre faculty member or to your instructor.

Goals focused on serving students

To provide services and resources that help students develop their abilities to succeed independently in current and future courses and in lifelong learning

To use a learner-centred approach

  • By informally assessing individual students, helping them:
    • Evaluate their learning strengths and needs
    • Develop realistic learning goals and strategies
  • By fostering a collaborative, adult learning environment which reflects the belief that every person can learn from others and help others learn
  • By providing individualized peer tutoring which focuses on students developing the skills and strategies they need to succeed independently

To help students:

  • Develop core competency skills, including
    • Spoken, written and intercultural communication
    • Information and technological literacy
    • Quantitative and analytical reasoning
  • Develop strategies for mastering course content


Goals focused on tutors

To employ students and provide them with training and ongoing support to work as effective peer tutors

To provide students with leadership opportunities


Goals focused on our relationship to the rest of the college

To support individual student learning by adding to the academic supports provided through instructors and other services and by referring students elsewhere in the college when appropriate

To share resources and information about tutoring and learning skills

To contribute to awareness in the College community of diverse students’ academic needs, barriers and strengths


Goal focused on Learning Centre development

To conduct ongoing assessment and evaluation of the Learning Centre’s role within the changing needs of the College community