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Zines@Douglas: How to Print or Make a Zine

Zines at the Douglas College Library, Zine resources for faculty and distros Zinesters

Ezine Digital Zine-Making Tools

Canva Free - Free design editor.  No design experience required. 

Electric Zine Maker - Downloadable zine maker, "printshop and art tool". New website has more information and help 

Flipsnack Zine Maker - Free flipbook maker (if under 15 pages). Simplest design tool where you can quickly drag and drop text boxes, shapes and images on pages. Get started for free.

Issuu - Convert a PDF to an interactive flipbook

How to Print a Zine

These Instructions work for the most Common Type Zine (Half size, staple bound booklet).

  • Save your online Zine as a PDF
  • Open PDF file. Click File and Print
  • Select Print on both sides of paper. Flip on short edge
  • Select Landscape orientation
  • Print, fold in half and staple on the spine

Google Slides Zine Template

How to Fold a Zine (8 page mini zine)


  • Keep a 5mm blank margin around the whole sheet (Marked off in gray on the template on the next pages).
  • Anything written within that area is not copied by most photocopiers.
  • The orientation of images on the pages once you fold the zine up: “1” is the first cover page and “8” is the last back cover page!




How to Make This Very Zine - by Anne Elizabeth Moore
This PDF illustrates how to make an eight page zine from a sheet of 11 x 17 paper. Check out Anne's site for more zine marking and sharing information

Video Tutorials

Led by STAC student Sarah Fisher, this online tutorial on the theme of ‘Rethinking Property’ demonstrates how to create a zine on paper and provides helpful tips.

Zine Presentation by viv2102 V (Violet Victoria)
This five-minute time-lapse video made for a Columbia undergraduate thesis on Cherokee Nation sovereignty shows a student making a zine from start to finish.

one shot tutorial

One Shot Tutorial - by ebess
A step-by-step photo demonstration on Flickr.