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Zine Library: Zines as Pedagogy

Zines at the Douglas College Library, Zine resources and distros for zinesters,

Books in the Douglas College Library

Zines in third space : radical cooperation and borderlands rhetoric / Adela Licona.


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The Riot grrrl collection / edited by Lisa Darms ; essay by Johanna Fateman


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The archival turn in feminism : outrage in order / Kate Eichhorn

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Behind the zines : self-publishing culture / [edited by Robert Klanten, Adeline Mollard, Matthias Hübner ...]


Queer youth cultures / edited by Susan Driver (includes chapter: My identity is fluid as fuck : transgender zine writers constructing themselves / Jackie Regales

Remote relationships in a small world / edited by Samantha Holland (includes chapter: Researching DIY Grrrl (E) Zine Culture: A Methodological and Ethical account / Jayne Armstrong


Pills-a-go-go : a fiendish investigation into pill marketing, art, history and consumption / Jim Hogshire ...[et al.] (inspired by Jim Hogshire's 'zine of the same name)

Alternative media in Canada / edited by Kirsten Kozolanka .. [et. al.] (includes chapter:DIY zines and direct-action activism / Sandra Jeppesen)


Nowtopia : how pirate programmers, outlaw bicyclists, and vacant-lot gardeners are inventing the future today / by Chris Carlsson (Includes chapter:"Outlaw" Bicycling: Bicycle zines and women cyclists)

Zines! : librarians and faculty engaging students in creative scholarship / Amanda Hornby, Suzan Parker, and Kari Lerum) in Practical pedagogy for library instructors : 17 innovative strategies to improve student learning / Douglas Cook and Ryan L. Sittler, editors (Includes chapter:

Academic Articles

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Journal articles

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