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Zines@Douglas: Evaluating Zines

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Where Can I Find Zine Reviews?

Broken Pencil is the magazine of zines, comics, DIY and the radical press since 1995.  It has useful Zine reviews (over 15,000 of them) and is available in the 2 databases linked below.  Follow the links (CBCA is best) and search your Zine title.  

CBCA Access to Broken Pencil (1995-present).  

Gale Access to Broken Pencil (2010-present).

  • If you don't find your Zine reviewed in Broken Pencil, try a Google search for your title and add the word review or words book review.  
  • If you still don't find a review for your Zine you can used the CARSS Guide below to help you critically examine and access your Zine.

CARRS Evaluation Guide