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Zines@Douglas: New Zines

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Brand New to the Zine collection

Creeker Volume 1

The first of a series of zines, Creeker “aims to bring reflection, depth, variety, critique and continuity to the ongoing process of reflecting on the Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek blockade and related efforts. It’s intended for creekers themselves, land defenders elsewhere, and the land defenders yet to come.” 

Bleeding Thunder

A full-colour anthology zine that explores genderqueer menstruation, full of drawings, photographs, poetry and essays from a variety of queer contributors. In the words of co-editor, Fenix Grace, this collection seeks to “be a site of resistance and resilience for you too.”

shortandqueer # 12: menstruation, not punctuation (periods.)

After four years on testosterone, Kelly got his period for the first time. This made him think about his history with and relationship to periods, which resulted in this zine. It navigates the difficulty of finding language adequate to describe his experiences while still honouring his identity. The zine also includes period stories from other zine writers.

Canadian Mining Impacts and Resistance Movements

Created by students in support of the Mining Justice Alliance, this zine focuses on Canada’s (and specifically, Vancouver’s) involvement in mining. Aimed at building awareness of the issues, it includes a list of resistance organizations as well as a call to action.

Twenty Years of Bleeding

A perzine full of stories from every phase of her life by Emma, a cis woman in her early 30s, with some information about menstrual cups and period underwear.

Abolish Supportive Housing

A zine created by the Red Braid Alliance that contains information on types of supportive housing and why it has become a way for the government to control and invade poor people's lives.

Between Storms

Assembled in solidarity with the ongoing Wet'suwet'en resistance to industrial expansion, this zine contains a map outlining the solidarity actions from coast to coast from Fall 2021 to Summer 2022, along with reflections and analysis from people involved.

Chronic Pain Affirmations

A mini-zine with supportive words and reminders about dealing with chronic pain.

Indigenous Mutual Aid

Compiled resources for COVID-19 mutual aid organizing, this zine is a living document and undergo updates as needed.

You're So Exotic

Collaged photographs of author overlaid with racialized questions she receives on a regular basis.

A Disability Manifesto

A book of personal affirmations and manifesto on disability justice 

An Imagined Dialogue With a Defender of Taking Photos of People

A pamphlet subtitled "Counter-arguments for those who don’t want to contribute to the spectacle of the end of the world, but to end the world of the spectacle" this interrogates how we think of and use images in activism  

[Signal Fails]

Signal is an encrypted messaging service. This zine talks about security issues of app use with a proposal for better practices for communicating and organizing