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Research Paper - How to Guide

How do I find...?

What is this Guide?

So you have to write a research paper... and you've never done that before for a College course. Is it any different than what you've done before back in high school? Or a really long time ago? Probably. Where do you start?? Google? Wikipedia? Books? Articles? This guide is going to help you get started in the right direction without wasting a bunch of time working in the wrong direction.

For Example...

Let's say your research topic is Facebook and privacy.

There must be tons of information about Facebook through Google.

A recent Google search on the topic - Facebook privacy - produced how many hits? Brace yourself.....

9,440,000,000 !!!!  There must be a better way!
And there is. We'll show you how to find academically appropriate material to use in your research assignments without having to sort through tons of material you find on the internet.

Follow your way through the blue tabs at the top reading, watching, and answering questions. This will be time well spent, to help you in all your research assignments to come. Here at Douglas College, or anywhere.


Thank you to Stacey Stiels at Camosun College for giving us permission to use their Information Literacy Guide as a template for this one.