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Faculty Resource Guide


If you would like to highlight a specific journal or set of journals in your Blackboard course, you can use a product we have called BrowZine. Here's an example:

Library Modules

Blackboard Modules

The library has developed several modules to help you ensure your students know how to access all the resources they need for their research assignments. These resources have been developed to help you direct your students to the library easily by integrating them right into your Blackboard site. We have developed four Blackboard modules that will help students with their research needs.


Library Research Resources

This module links your students directly to important library research tools such as databases for academic articles, citation resources, and how to get research help from a Douglas College librarian.


Library – OneSearch:

This module allows students to search for books, articles, DVDs, and other resources in one simple step right from your Blackboard page.


Library – AskAway Qwidget

‚ÄčThis module provides easy access for students to know how to get research and citation help from a librarian. This is a great way to help students know resources that are available to them even when they aren’t on campus.


Library- Research FAQs

This module allows your students to get quick answers to some of their research needs when the library is closed.