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Predatory Journals & Conferences

Conference Quality Concerns

A non-reputable or deceptive conference operates a scam by setting up fake conference websites designed to trick authors into believing that they are submitting their work to a legitimate and established conference in the field. They provide misleading information about their conference to potential authors and attendees. Attendance at a non-reputable or deceptive conference can damage your research career and the reputation of the (institution) and waste precious time and money (Queen's University Library.  Predatory Conferences Checklist).


Beware if:


  • The same organization is hosting multiple conferences on the same dates and at the same location
  • If the selected papers/speakers come from vastly different disciplines/cover unrelated topics
  • If none of your colleagues have ever attended/heard of the conference before
  • If it's unclear who the organizer is
  • If the keynote speaker(s) being highlighted don't exist / aren't actually attending the conference
  • No typical sponsors or vendors from your discipline are attending
  • Registration fees are unusually expensive / no refunds are offered if the conference is cancelled


Useful Information / Checklists


Think. Check. Attend.  The site "is an international initiative that aims to guide and assist researchers and scholars when choosing trusted conferences to attend and to present their research at."  Also provides a conference checker tool.


Predatory Conferences Checklist:  From Queen's University Library.  Provides a list of criteria to consider before accepting an offer to present at a conference.  The list is adapted from the Think. Check. Attend. checklist.


Bogus Conference?  You Decide:  From Bentley University Libraries.  Links to several conferences along with claims made on their various websites.  Scroll down the page for a list of characteristics to aid you in assessing these and any other conferences you're wondering about. 

  • Of special note: the Venn diagram at the bottom of the page with overlapping characteristics of predatory journals & conferences/meetings.