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Citation Management Tools

This guide provides basic information about citation management tools and software.

A note about privacy

Please note that many of the tools mentioned in this guide store data on US-based servers.  As a result, your personal information may be accessed by US authorities under the US Patriot Act.  


What are citation management tools?

Citation management tools are downloadable and/or web-based programs that are intended to save you time in research and writing.  Ideal for larger research projects, citation management tools allow you to organize your citations and store them in one place.

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What do they do?   An image of a filing system

  • import citations from databases and catalogues 
  • organize citations using lists and/or folders
  • generate reference lists automatically (so you don't have to!)*


Depending on the tool, additional features might include:

  • a Microsoft Word plugin that helps you to input in-text citations and/or add a reference list directly into your essay
  • PDF storage so you can store and access all your sources in one place
  • sharing features that enable you to share citations and documents with others (great for group work!)


*Please remember to double check the formatting of your reference list using Douglas College Library's citation guide!