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Faculty Resource Guide


Welcome to Douglas College!

We invite you to explore the wide range of resources and services offered by the Douglas College Library and are happy to meet with faculty members individually or in small groups with a common research focus.

Please feel free to speak to the librarian at the Research Desk, email your faculty's liaison librarian, or use any of our online contact services.

Aboriginal Student Services Gretchen Goertz  604-527-5168
CEIT George Villavicencio  604-777-6135
Child, Family & Community Studies Gretchen Goertz  604-527-5168
Commerce & Business Administration George Villavicencio  604-777-6135
Douglas Students' Union George Villavicencio 604-777-6135
Faculty, New Shannon Moist 604-527-5189
Health Sciences Christian Guillou 604-527-5184 & Mary Matthews 604-527-5438
Humanities & Social Sciences Trevor Smith 604-527-5259 & Shannon Moist 604-527-8189
International Education Gretchen Goertz  604-527-5168
Language, Literature & Performing Arts  Debra Flewelling  604-527-5190
Office of the New Students
Public Libraries
George Villavicencio 604-777-6135
Research & Innovation Office Gretchen Goertz  604-527-5168
Science & Technology Julie Grellier  604-777-6131 (CO)
Olga Kalachinskaya  604-527-5188 (NW)
Training Group George Villavicencio 604-777-6135