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Open Access (OA)

What is a Repository?

Repositories are essentially digital storage spaces for large quantities of data. In these cases, these Repositories are freely accessible (or open access), and provide an access point to other open access databases and materials. 

Find a Repository

OpenDOAR  is a quality-assured, global Directory of Open Access Repositories. They host repositories that provide free, open access to academic outputs and resources. Each repository record within OpenDOAR has been carefully reviewed and processed by a member of their editorial team which enables them to offer a trusted service for the community.

Research Data Repositories:


Discover the scholarship and research expertise at Douglas College in DOOR (DOuglas Open Repository)

DOOR is a scholarly publishing platform which showcases and preserves the scholarly, research and creative works of the Douglas College community.  The repository creates an institutional research hub while supporting the open access principle which is that outcomes of publicly funded research should be made available free to researchers worldwide.  Primarily, the repository enables Douglas College researchers who have been funded to comply with Canada's Tri-Agency Open Access Policy. The repository provides a secure and enduring open access software platform which aims to increase the visibility, usage and impact of College's collective knowledge and expertise.  

Institutional Repositories

An institutional repository (IR) is a digital collection of an organization’s intellectual output. IRs centralize, preserve, and make accessible the knowledge generated by academic institutions benefiting both the institution and its scholars by raising the institutional profile while also bringing broader dissemination, increased use, and enhanced professional visibility of scholarly research.

Open Access Repositories: Self-Archiving Your Publications - Enago Academy