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Social Science Subject Guide

Other Research Resources

This guide provides you with resources from our research companion video tutorials. It is broken down into different section and is self guided, allowing you to select the area of information you may need help with.



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Simplified Research Process

Step 1: Read Your Assignment Thoroughly

Make sure you understand all requirements

  • length of paper
  • writing style and citations styles
  • Writing requirements (ie. must have 1 direct quote and one block quote)
  • types of resources needed (ie. Newspaper articles, government documents, scholarly peer reviewed articles, websites etc.)

Check with your instructor if you have any questions or concerns

Step 2:  Identify and Develop Your Topic

Some instructors outline certain topic you can write on. Identify any restrictions or requirements.

Try to select a topic of interest to you this will make the writing and research process more enjoyable.

Once you have chosen your topic try to pose it as a question.

Example Topic: Climate Change

Example Topic Question: What are the Effects of Climate Change?

Step 3: Do Preliminary Research

Doing preliminary research will help you identify if your topic is too broad (too much information) or too narrow (not enough information).

Use your class notes/textbook/ library books and the internet to find information on your topic. This will help Identify narrower topics that are more re-searchable.

Step 4: Develop a Search Strategy

Identify the key concepts from your research topic.

Example research topic: How has the global food supply been impacted by climate change?

climate change AND food supply

Identify related words or synonyms related to your key terms

Example of Climate Change Synonyms Example of Food Supply Synonym           
Global Warming Farming
Extreme weather Agriculture          
Step 5: Locate and Evaluate Your Resources

Use the Douglas College Library Databases and other credible sources which can be found throughout this guide using the navigation menu on the left hand side to locate and evaluate your resources.


Step 6: Write Your Thesis Statement

Use the resources on the Thesis Statement to learn what it is and how to create one.

Step 7: Make Notes & Develop an Outline

Have a look at the Douglas College Learning Centre's Doing research and taking notes page for tips and trick to approaching your research articles.

When you are ready to write your outline, have a look at the Creating an Outline resource from the Douglas College Learning Centre

Step 8: Start Writing

Now that you have your resources and outline complete you can start writing your paper. If you need more help with your writing you can book an appointment with a writing tutor, or view all the Douglas College Learning Centre writing resources.