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Fake News

A guide providing information on how to spot fake news, how to find reliable news sources, and where to search for scholarly information about fake news.

Seaching the Library Collection

OneSearch is a search tool that enables you to search simultaneously for books, magazines, journal articles, DVDs, streaming media and other resources in the Library's collection.

You can use OneSearch begin your research on Fake News with the following links:

Once you have clicked on either of these links, you can input search terms in the additional search boxes, as shown within the red box in the image below. This will enable you to narrow the scope of your search to a specific issue or topic related to fake news.



Documentaries & Videos

Why People Fall for Misinformation 

Description: Freelance researcher, Joseph Isaac, who provides fact-checking on behalf of clients and explores independent projects around media literacy, speaks at TED-Ed about the world of misinformation.

Length: 00:5:15. Date: September 2020.

Disinformation and Lies: The Dangers of Fake News

Description: Curio /CBC documentary about fake news and its effects.

Length: 00:21:25. Date: January 2017.


How Fake News Grows in a Post-Fact World

Description: Canadian journalist, Ali Velshi (MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera America) speaks at TEDx-QueensU about fake news.

Length: 00:18:23. Date: March 2017.


Fake News in the Philippines

Description: The National/CBC mini-documentary about fake news' effects on politics in the Philippines.

Length: 00:11:39. Date: April 2017.