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Zines@Douglas: Some Zines at Douglas by Title

Zines at the Douglas College Library, Zine resources for faculty and distros Zinesters

Selected Titles

100 Years of Modern Iran
121 Gigawatts
1-2-3 Punch: how misogyny hurts queer communities
13 years of good luck

Abolish restaurants
Abolish supportive housing
Adorable pancreas: a zine about beauty and body image
Anarchism: the feminist connection
Anarchist urban planning & place theory
Angelman syndrome
Animal liberation and social revolution
Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety
The art & science of billboard improvement
Avow Anthology

Bamboozled: the Joe Torrey story
The banana king
BC Native Blockades & Direct action
Black Capitalism
The Borzoi reader
Boudicca's Shield: a graphic novel
Burn Collector #15
Burning Women

Canadian mining impacts and resistance movements
Capitalism, class, and class struggle
Chiapas: the southeast in two winds
Choose your own adventure
City space is the place
Class War lessons
Creeker Volume 1
Creeker Volume 2
Creeker Volume 3
Cursive bomb 3: unlearning
Cystic fibrosis

D.I.Y. antidepression guide
Dada manifesto
Debunking myths about the Quebec student strikes
Decolonizing literacy practices in early childhood spaces and places
Defacto death camp
Dis/orientation: Navigating acessibility in teaching and learning

Edible forest gardening
Eleven months
Equitable commerce
Everyone calls themselves an ally until it is time to do some real ally shit
Everything dies #5
Experiences of institutionalized

The false promise of green technology
Fighting for community: stories from the Carnegie Centre
Figure 8, issue 3
Fixing the plumbing
Flow Chronicles
Flower children
From punk to Proudhon?

Greenwashing and you!
Guerrilla gardening beneath the concrete
A guide to alternatives to pesticides

Hell passport: a holiday from hell vacation guide
helping your friends who sometimes wanna die maybe not die
An herbal medicine-making primer
Herbs for trauma
Huntington disease

I hate this part of Texas #5
I'll only sell myself to the sidewalk: a bit about art in our world
Indigenous Mutual Aid
Inkling #6
International women's day: a quote zine
Interview with Zig Zag on Idle No More
Invincible Summer
Invisibility of women prisoners' resistance
It's not the end of the world: building a life with limp wrists

James Carr, the Black Panthers and all that
Jesus the nondenominational robot

Know your rights at work BC
Knowing the land is resistance 
Last ride: interview with livestock trucker
Learning Good Consent
Lectures on Liberation
Letter from Mazas prison
Little white pill: a zine about depression

Make the wind blow: zine on music and resistance
Marriage and Love (scroll to Chapter 11 in Anarchism and other essays by Emma Goldman)
May day
Michael Schirru
Modern science and anarchism
My brain hurts

A nation of immigrants, a nation of conquerors
Native people's spirituality and the marketplace
The Nez Perce Indians
Nine gallons

Oblivion: a statistical analysis of youth culture
Old age home
On the rocks
Organising communities

Papercutter #8
Plants Gone Wild
A primer on gentrification in Portland
Prison justice day 10th august
Prison was created by the poor

Reflections on women in prison
The Regina monologues
Resistance is fertile
Revolutionary logic

Second set out
Seven things a woman needs to be happy
Sick: a compilation zine on physical illness
Slurs, stereotypes and prejudice
Socialism, Anarchism & Feminism
So Fi Zine: a sociological fiction zine Edition #7
So Fi Zine: a sociological fiction zine Edition #8
A Sol Y Agua
Solidarity unionism at Starbucks
Spanish Civil War
Students for a democratic society and the Weather underground
Superprisons in Canada: What they are how to stop them
Syndicalism: in myth and reality

Taking another look at class
Tangential fervor
Ten days that shook Iraq
They died for you: a brief history of the Canadian labour martyrs
Theiropen.Page Vol. 1
Theiropen.Page Vol. 2
This is not a manifesto: ideas towards an alternative design practice
Trans-cending anatomy
Transgender herb garden

Understanding Patriarchy
User dynamics on email lists

Walk to work
Wanting to be Indian
War on the Coast
We didn't set out to make a movie
Welcome to the Dahl house
What is the middle class
What's Your Slice? Fall 2021
Who is Oakland? Anti-oppression activism, the politics of safety, and state co-optation
Wo-man: exploring gender
Woodsquat (Zine starts on page 107-117)

Zine Yearbook 9
ZZLE one