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SOCI 1125 Assignment Guide: Get Started

Instructor: Murray Shaw

Library Assignment Instructions

Part 1: Your topic

Look over the list of essay topics, and select a topic to use for the library research session. Write a one-paragraph explanation of what it is about the topic that interests you. To do this, you need some information about your topic. Is there anything in particular that you would want to find out about it? The textbook is a good place to look for ideas, or you may have ideas from the news media [print, TV, internet], or from your own experiences. Bring your explanation with you to the library research instruction session.

Part 2: Library instruction session

At the instruction session, you will learn how to access and use the different library databases that contain sociological research articles. During the session, and/or afterward on your own, you will search for three articles that relate to your topic of interest. For this assignment, you are to select ‘peer-reviewed’ research articles, in which the author or authors conducted research into some aspect of the issue or topic that you identified in part one.

Part 3: Written assignment

Once you have selected three articles, you are to hand in a document consisting of:
[1] Your one-paragraph explanation of the topic or issue you selected in part one.
[2] The APA style citations for three articles that you have selected.

General Topics

Laws against the wearing of the niqab or burqa.

Select a subculture to focus on.

Select an instance of technological change to focus on.

Material and non-material culture.


Multiculturalism and assimilation.

Cultural imperialism.

The Trump phenomenon.


Corporal punishment in the schools or home.

The family and socialization.

Schools and socialization.

The media and socialization.

Peer groups and socialization.

Gender socialization.

The aging population and social policy.



A ‘deviant’ subculture.

Street Gangs in Canada.

Youth crime in Canada.

Corporate crime.

Organized crime in Canada.

Changes to the criminal justice system in Canada.

Restorative justice.

Fear of crime.

Prostitution laws in Canada. 

Illegal drugs and ‘harm reduction’.



Youth unemployment in Canada.

The welfare system as a response to poverty.

The feminization of poverty.

The personal debt problem in Canada.

Increases in tuition costs and student debt.

Race, ethnicity, and poverty.

Poverty in aboriginal communities.

Societal attitudes toward poverty.

Criminalization of poverty.


Individual-level racism and discrimination.

Institutional-level racism and discrimination.

Racial profiling.

The residential school system. 

Aboriginal political activism in Canada.

Immigration and refugee policies in Canada.

Equity in the workplace.


The social construction of gender.

Gender roles and the media.

Barriers to women’s full and equal participation in the workplace.

The gendered division of labour.

Changes to the family in Canada.

Childcare and social policy.

The Women’s Movement.