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HIST 2210 - BC History

Assignment Recap

This guide is in support of a workshop conducted on February 28th, 2019:  HIST 2210, Sally Mennill


One of the keys to research success is ensuring that you meet all your assignment requirements.  Here is a brief recap of your assignment, emphasizing the requirements you have around the sources types that you must use:

 Your major project for this term will involve researching and writing an essay on an historical topic local to you. Choose a BC person, place, moment, or idea that is local to where you live, where you have lived previously, or perhaps where a family member had an impact. Learn more about that thing using historical research, and present it in an essay format....

Your research must involve at least one archival source (ideally the one you chose earlier in the term) as well as a minimum of five scholarly sources on the topic. Your paper should be 6-7 pages long and must be properly referenced according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Pencil, Marks, Notes, Agenda, List

For the full and complete assignment requirements refer to the HIST 2210 Winter 2019 Local History Project handout distributed to you by your course instructor.