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APA Citation Style Guide (6th ed.): Websites

Basic Format for Websites

Author, A. A. (date of publication). Webpage or document title. Retrieved from URL

At a minimum, a reference of an Internet source should provide a webpage or document title or description, the date of publication or update (when available) and the URL that leads to the entry page for the document. Wherever possible, identify the author(s) of the document. Sometimes you have to hunt around to find the information. Try going up a page of the URL. (

Do not put a period after the URL

Use n.d. in parentheses when no date is provided. (Publication manual, 2010, p. 185)

Website - Created by an Organization or Individual(s)

Reddick, A., & Boucher, C. (2002). Tracking the dual digital divide. Retrieved from

In Text

(Reddick & Boucher, 2002)

Website - Organization as Author, No Date

Canadian Council on Social Development. (n.d.). A profile of health in Canada: The health of Canadians. Retrieved from

In Text

(Canadian Council on Social Development, n.d.)

Website - Document

Kemp, G., Segal, J., & Cutter, D. (2011, June). Learning disabilities in children: Learning disability symptoms, types and testing. Retrieved from

In Text

(Kemp, Segal & Cutter, 2011) for the first reference.  For subsequent references use (Kemp et al, 2011). (Publication manual, 2010, p. 177)

Website - Document

New Westminster. Department of Planning. (2000). Official community plan update. Retrieved from

In Text

(New Westminster. Department of Planning, 2000)

Annual/Quarterly Report

Chipotle Mexican Grill. (2018). 2018 Annual report and proxy statement. Retrieved from

In Text

(Chipotle Mexican Grill, 2018)

Website - Document

Canexus Income Trust. (2011, July 7). Alternative monthly report. Retrieved from

In Text

(Canexus Income Trust, 2011)

Website - News (Author)

Elliott, J. K. (2018, February 28). Check your wallet: Rare paper bills to lose legal tender status. Retrieved from

In Text

(Elliott, 2018)

Website - News (No Author)

Daycare in High River offering night care. (2011, October 4). Retrieved from

When there is no author for a web page, the title moves to the first position of the reference entry.

In Text

(“Daycare in High River,” 2011) Use a few words of the title if the title is too long (Publication manual, 2010, p. 176)

Website - Blogs

PZ Myers. (2007, January 22). The unfortunate prerequisites and consequences of partitioning your mind [Web log post]. Retrieved from

The screen name is used for the author name in this example. (Publication manual, 2010, p. 215)


In Text

(PZ Myers, 2007)


Psychology. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved October 14, 2009, from

In Text

(“Psychology,” n.d.)

Google Earth

Google Earth. (2016, June 6). V Nile Delta, [map], 30° 45’ 10.45” N, 31° 09’ 01.79” W, Eye alt 345.80 km. Retrieved from


Google Maps

Google. (n.d.). [Google Maps directions for driving from Ingolstadt, Germany, to Geneva, Switzerland]. Retrieved August 4. 2015, from

This example was taken from the APA Style Blog with an explanation for why it was cited this way.