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Nursing 3230: Define Your Topic

Define Your Topic

Make a list of terms to use in your searches.  Think about the words, phrases, names of people and organizations, abbreviations or acronyms best describe your topic.  Be sure to include some related topics, concepts or ideas. These may be used to help narrow (focus) or broaden (expand) your searches, as required.

Sample Topic:  
                           critical care in neonatal nursing

Related Ideas; Broader & Narrower Terms:
                           intensive care
                           maternal-child care
                           neonatal assessment
                           newborn care
                           premature infants
                           low birth weight

Use these search terms to identify articles on your topic published in scholarly nursing/medical journals and other health-related publications.

Books & Background Information

Reference books, such as encyclopedias and handbooks, are good starting points for research.  They may be available in print or online, and can help you refine your topic and select words and phrases (search terms) to use in your   searches.

Use the Library Catalogue to find books on your topic.  Start with a KEYWORD search using words and phrases that describe your topic.

When you find a book that addresses your topic well, make note of the SUBJECTS assigned to it. They will be useful in finding more information on the same topic.