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Marketing: Getting Started


Welcome to the Marketing Assignment Guide. This guide highlights the best resources to get you started on your marketing research projects.


Before starting your assignment, you should make sure you understand the assignment and requirements expected from your instructor.  Carefully read through the assignment to ensure that you know and understand what you need to do. 

If you have any questions or are unsure of the expectations talk to a classmate or ask your instructor directly for clarification.

How to create a Marketing Plan

Unsure on how to create a marketing plan? Check out this Marketing Plan Tutorial from the University of Washington.
It describes the information you need to include and provides examples/templates for formatting a marketing plan.

Developing Marketing Plans for Businesses from  the Government of Canada's Canada Business Network.
This resource provides information on how to start creating your marketing plan and what research should be done prior to starting, as well as, key points that should be included in a marketing plan.

This site provide information on planning a business. It has guides and template for creating a business plan as well as information on sales and marketing.

How to Write a Marketing Plan from Small Business BC provides key points on how to create a marketing plan.