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MLA (8th ed.) Citation Style Guide: Core Elements

Nine Core Elements a

MLA (8th) has simplified its citation guidelines.  It now provides a 'universal set of guidelines' that applies to any format type.  So citations for a journal article, dvd, book etc will all follow the same format.


The new format is based on a a list of nine core elements which are given in a specific order (see the template on the right).  If a core element can not be found or does not exist, simply omit the element from the citation.  To make a citation, fill in the MLA template with as much information as available for each source.  Use the punctuation given in the Template.  The citations are double spaced.  The first line begins at the left margin and all subsequent lines use a hanging indent.


The Nine Core Elements Format

The Nine Core Elements

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CORE ELEMENT 2: Title of source.
CORE ELEMENT 3: Title of container,
 CORE ELEMENT 4: Other contributors,
CORE 5: Version,
CORE 6: Number,
CORE 7: Publisher,
CORE 8: Publication date,
CORE 9: Location.