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GEOG 1150: Geographies of Metro Vancouver: Assignment Overview

Links to resources to help start your research.

Assignment Overview

Choose a pervasive (or "wicked") problem that impacts some aspect of Greater Vancouver's urban built and/or social geography and complete your own research and analysis.

What is a wicked problem?

Wicked problems are socially complex, difficult to define, and usually to not have clear-cut solutions. Many topics related to urban geography reflect this kind of complexity, including but not limited to:

  • Sustainability,
  • NIMBYism,
  • Immigration settlement,
  • Crime,
  • Homelessness,
  • Housing affordability,
  • And more. 

Your assignment must use a minimum of 4 academic sources, including books and journal articles. On top of the 4 academic sources, your works cited list must include any additional sources you used, including newspaper articles, planning documents, statistical data, government publications, websites, etc. 

Cite your sources using APA style citations. See the 'APA Citations' page for more details. 

Finding Resources

The resources provided are just a starting point. There is lots of information available that is not included in this guide. Branch out and explore on your own.

Not sure if a resource is suitable for your assignment? Ask a Librarian


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