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Financial Calculator: How to Use Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator


This video explains how to use the TI BA plus II financial calculator. This calculator is required in finance and accounting courses, such as FINC 1231, ACCT 1110, and ACCT 1210. 


It is very important to learn to use this calculator because:

* You could solve problems faster and more accurately

* You could make better financial decisions in your daily life

* You could negotiate with bankers for a more appropriate interest rate and payment schedule.


The following functions and problems are included in the video:

* Solving long equations (Starts at 00:20)

* Calculating dates (Starts at 1:30)

* Calculating break-even point (Starts at 2:23)

* Converting interest (Starts at 4:29)

* Calculating Time Value of Money (FV) (Starts at 5:40)

* Calculating an Equivalent Value for an Earlier Date (PMT) (Starts at 7:00)

* Calculating Rate of Return (I/Y) (Starts at 8:21)

* Calculating Number of Compounding Periods (N) (Starts at 10:15)

* Annuity-Future Value  (Starts at 11:38)

* Annuity- Present Value (Starts at 12:55)

* Annuity- Calculate Payment (Starts at 14:04)

* Annuity- Calculate Number of Payments (N) (Starts at 15:09)

* Annuity-Calculating Interest Rate (I/Y) (Starts at 16:26)


Created by peer tutors under the direction of Learning Centre faculty at Douglas College, British Columbia.


Project Coordinator

 Mina Sedaghatjou




Content Developer

Maggie Qiu






Editor and Voice over

Kevin Kumagai