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Faculty Resource Guide

Student Learning Centre

Tutoring approach

The Learning Centre is here to help students become more successful in their courses. Peer tutors can help them work on their academic skills (writing, reading, study, math and computer skills) and their understanding of course concepts.

Peer tutors are students who are hired and trained by the Learning Centre. They are not college instructors; when they can't help students, they may refer them to a Learning Centre faculty member or to their instructor.

What we can help with?


Peer tutors can provide feedback on written assignments, including help with thesis statements, creating arguments, organizing paragraphs and in-text citations.

Online writing help

Douglas College students, can use our online tutoring service which uses email to provide feedback about their writing. Online tutoring is open from the second week of classes until the last day of classes.

Students can get help with their paper writing by utilizing the Peer Writing Reviews, Quick Questions Online help service, as well as Writeaway. For more information on these student service please visit the Learning Centre's website.

Computer skills

Peer tutors can help you learn the technological skills needed to complete your course assignments.

Word Excel
PowerPoint Access
SPSS Blackboard

Study skills

Writing essay exams Creating study tools
Test-taking strategies Predicting test questions
Multiple-choice tests Making a study schedule
Oral presentations Creating a study environment
Managing a heavy workload Facing difficult assignments
Time management Procrastination
Taking lecture notes