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DOOR - DOuglas Open Repository

Open the DOOR!

Douglas College Library offers a new publishing platform for your scholarly work: DOOR - DOuglas Open Repository. DOOR showcase the scholarly works, conference presentations, and research projects of the Douglas College community. DOOR aims to create a repository of Douglas College's intellectual outputs, thereby highlighting the College's unique contributions to the world of knowledge. 

If you are a faculty member, a faculty member working with a student on a research project and would like it published in DOOR, contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian Gretchen Goertz.


  • The library needs your permission to submit your research and scholarly work into the institutional repository (currently DOOR).  In future, if we migrate to a new software you will also be granting us permission to move your works to this new repository.
  • You are not relinquishing Copyright to your work but are allowing the library to make it available in the open repository for use that is non-commercial and educational.  Eventually, it will be found in search engines. 
  • Please check the boxes beside each paragraph, print your name, sign and date.  If you have co-authors please have them sign the agreement as well.
  • If convenient, after you have signed the document (we do not have electronic signatures at this time) you can scan the document and email back to me. Or if you prefer you can drop off the signed paper version (at either campus library), in a sealed envelope c/o Gretchen Goertz, Scholarly Communications Librarian.