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ENGL 3150: Travel Narratives: Getting Started

Define Your Topic

      Think about the words, phrases, titles of    
      works, and names of authors or theorists 
      that best describe your topic. Include related
      topics, concepts or ideas to help narrow (focus)
      or broaden (expand) your searches, as required.

                                   Sample Topic:   postcolonialism

                                   Related Ideas; Broader & Narrower Terms:

                                         postcolonialism in literature
                                         decolonization in literature
                                         imperialism in literature
                                         colonies in literature
                                         feminist literature 
                                         identity in literature 
                                         place in literature 

Now that you've created a list of the terms that best describe your topic, use them to find books, ebooks, articles in scholarly journals and other resources.

To locate books or articles on travel writing, use these subjects in the Library Catalogue and other databases:

           travel in literature        travelers' writings         travel writing


Springboards to Cultural Context & Biographical Research

These links are good starting points for your biographical research on the travel writer you choose to write about. Check the bibliography at the end of the article for other biographical resources and use the article databases to help further your research.

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