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ENGL 1130 Research Guide: Animal Rights: Getting Started

This "research starter" provides a basic introduction to finding books and articles using the library website.

Start with a research question

1.)  Start with a research question:  Is animal testing ethical?

2.)  Question your question.  Does your question raise more questions?

  • Who does animal testing?
  • For what purpose/s?
  • What do I consider ethical (or not ethical)?
  • What are my personal biases/assumptions?
  • What are some possible arguments in favour of animal testing?  Against?*
  • *Hint:  See Canadian Points of View for concise overviews of key issues, including animal rights.


3.)  Once you start your research process, consider your subject terms.  Think of synonyms/alternate/or related phrases.

Brainstorm synonyms.

4.)  Can you narrow your topic?  For example, animal testing may be conducted for scientific/medical or commercial purposes.  Maybe you wish to focus on medical testing?

Refine your topic

Or perhaps you wish to focus on animal testing for consumer products?  Maybe you wish to go even more specific-- perhaps you wish to focus on animal tested cosmetic products?

Refine your topic further.  Think of subtopics.

5.)  Return to your research question. You may find that the question has changed:  Is animal testing in the cosmetic industry ethical?