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CYCC 2450 Research Guide: Child & Youth Care Counselor: Books & Background Information


Books are good starting points for research.  They may be available in print or online, and can help you refine your topic and select words and phrases (search terms) to use in your searches.

Use the Library Catalogue to find books on your topic.  Start with a KEYWORD search using words and phrases that describe your topic.  When you find a book that addresses your topic well, make note of the SUBJECTS assigned to it. They will be useful in finding more information on the same topic. 

Here are a few subjects in the field of child and youth care counseling to get you started.  Click on each Subject to perform a search for books, DVDs and other materials in the Douglas College Library:

Youth with social disabilities               Problem youth

Learning disabilities                             Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder   

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome                       Street youth   

Depression in adolescence                  Depression in children   

Youth -- Suicidal behaviour                 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children