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CRWR 1101


CRWR 1101 Introduction to Writing Poetry

This guide demonstrates how to find resources by and about Canadian poets at Douglas College Library.

Books are arranged by Library of Congress Classification. Canadian literature falls generally in the PS 8000 range and includes all forms of literature (novels, poetry, plays, etc.). You can browse these areas of the book shelves and audio visual collection to find titles of interest.

Canadian authors are assigned their own unique call number, starting at PS 8500 to PS 8600. For example, works specifically written by and written about Elizabeth Bachinsky start with the number PS 8603 A33. However, an anthology which includes poems by several Canadian authors, would be assigned a more general number, and will vary depending on the focus or intent of the work. Here is a book about Canadian women poets, including Elizabeth Bachinsky. 

Bottom line: information written by and about the poet you are researching may be found in one location unique to that person, as well as a number of different locations.

And just to complicate things further ...  as well as physical items, the Library provides access to EBooks, streaming videos and other digital resources. These resources do not have call numbers and can't be 'browsed' on the shelf.