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CCSD: Classroom & Community Support Research Guide

Resources and links to information in Classroom and Community Support.


Use the Library Catalogue to find books and DVDs on your topic.  Start with a KEYWORD search using words and phrases that describe your topic.  When you find a book that addresses your topic well, make note of the SUBJECTS assigned to it. They will be useful in finding more information on the same topic.

Finding Background Information on Your Topic

Encyclopedias, handbooks and reputable topic-specific websites are good starting points for research.  They can help you refine your topic and select words and phrases (search terms) to use in your searches.

The Encyclopedia of Disability and Rehabilitation (which can be transferred from the David Lam campus) is an excellent source for information on physical, mental, organic and traumatic disabilities.  Also, try the  Abilities Canada and National Dissemination Center for Children With Disabilities websites.  This article from the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange offers some things to consider when doing research on cultural differences related to disability.