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The Learning Centre: Writing Resources and Handouts


Plagiarism - How to Avoid It (pdf)

Paraphrasing Without Plagiarizing (pdf)


Introducing Quotations: Using Reporting Words (pdf)

Building Paragraphs around Quotations (pdf)


Writing Summaries (pdf)

Annotated Bibliography (pdf)


Using APA Style

In Text Citation APA Style (pdf)

APA Style (pdf) - Douglas College Library

APA Style (libguide) - Douglas College Library

Formatting a Running Head APA Style (Word 2010) (pdf)

Formatting a Running Head APA Style (Word 2013) (pdf)


Using MLA Style

In Text Citation MLA Style (pdf)

Presenting Your Essay - MLA Style (pdf)

MLA Style - Douglas College Library


Using Other Styles

Citation Guides from the Douglas College Library (including APA, MLA, Chicago, Legal)