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Criminology 1160 & 2260: Primary Legal Sources: Finding Case Law

Case Law / Jurisprudence (Free)

Canadian Case Law / Jurisprudence (Free)

Judgements of the Supreme Court of Canada are available online through a collaboration between the Supreme Court of Canada and the University of Montreal's Faculty of Law.  Decisions published in the Supreme Court Reports from 1970 to date are available in both English and French. Decisions published prior to 1970 are available in the language of publication only. Cases may be searched by date, case name, or subject.

CanLII's collection of federal decisions includes decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Canada, as well as the Supreme Court of Canada

The Courts of British Columbia provide full text rulings of the BC Supreme Court and Court of Appeal from 1996. CanLII's collection of BC decisions is comprehensive from 1990, but contains many significant decisions prior to this.

Case Law / Jurisprudence (Fee Based)

Canadian Case Law / Jurisprudence (Fee based; Free to students / faculty)

Quicklaw includes an extensive collection of Canadian cases and offers comprehensive case history and treatment coverage.  Again, because this is a subscription service, you'll need to log in with your name and student number or employee number to use it for free from off campus locations.

The Douglas College Library also subscribes to these three printed reporting services, which are available in the Reference section of the Library at the David Lam campus:  

* Dominion Law Reports (from 1912 to current)
* Canadian Criminal Cases (from 1898 to current)
* British Colmbia Law Reports (from 1977 to 2002)