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Criminology 1160 & 2260: Primary Legal Sources: More Resources

Legal Dictionaries

These dictionaries offer definitions of legal terms in plain language.

Journal Articles

Journal articles can offer context, history, or commentary on a piece of legislation and how it has been judicially interpreted.

The Library subscribes to many prominent Canadian law journals:

  • McGill Law Journal
  • Osgoode Hall Law Journal
  • University of British Columbia Law Review
  • Queen's Law Journal
  • The Canadian Bar Review, plus many more

To find articles on your topic, either search one of the journals above by entering the title on this page journal titles, or use the "Journal" tab in  Quicklaw to search across several journals at once.

Law in the News

A good place to start your research is to look for stories in the news about prominent cases before the courts involving specific pieces of legislation, or the progress of bills being discussed.

Use Canadian Newsstream to search across local, regional, and national newspapers and news magazines.