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MLA Style (7th Ed.): Websites


Website citations should contain most of the following components (if available):

·         Name of the author or editor

·         Title of the work (‘italicized if the work is independent; in roman type and quotation marks if the work is part of a larger work’)

·         Title of the overall Web site (italicized), if it is distinct from the title of the work

·         Version or edition used

·         Sponsor or publisher of the site.  If a sponsor or publisher is not available, use the abbreviation “N.p.” (for “No publisher”).

·         Date of publication or last update.  If this is not available, use “n.d.” (for “no date”).

·         Medium of publication (Web).

·         Date of access (day, month, year).

(5.6.2 See p. 184, MLA Handbook, 2009)

You would only need to include the URL when your instructor requires it, or when the reader would not be able to locate the source without it. If you must include the URL, enclose it in angle brackets at the end of the entry. (5.6.1)  Here is an example:

Aristotle. Poetics. Trans. S. H. Butcher. The Internet Classics Archive. Web

      Atomic and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 13 Sept. 2007. Web.

      4 Nov. 2008. <>.

Entire Website (5.6.2)

Eaves, Morris, Robert Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, eds. The William

            Blake Archive. Lib. Of Cong., 28 Sept. 2007. Web. 24 Aug. 2009.


The Amazing Time Machine. British Columbia Archives, 2002. Web.

             15 Sept. 2009. 


MADD Canada. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2009.

Document Within a Website (5.6.2)

 “Developing an Outline.” The OWL at Purdue. Purdue U Online Writing Lab,

            2008. Web. 15 Sept. 2009.   


“Meet the Salmon People: Species and Stocks.” David Suzuki Foundation.

            David Suzuki Foundation, 2009. Web. 23 Aug. 2009.


Harding, Anne. “Man Detained at Airport After Chemo Drug Wipes Out

             Fingerprints.” Cable News Network, 27 May 2009. Web.

             16 July 2009.

Wikipedia, Articles (5.6.2)

 “Clairvoyance.” Wikipedia. Wikipedia Foundation, 20 May 2009. Web.

            21 May 2009.

Blogs (5.6.2)

 Clarke, Lindsey and Matt Brown.  Londonist. Gothamist, 21 May 2009. Web.

          21 May 2009.

Cite a blog as you would an entire website.