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MLA Style (7th Ed.): Books

Book Basic Format

Author. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. Medium. 

Book, One Author (5.5.2)

Kradin, Richard. The Placebo Response and the Power of Unconscious

      Healing. New York: Routledge, 2008. Print.

When citing the place of publication, it is not necessary to include the state, province or country after the city name.  Use a shortened form of the publisher’s names.  Omit terms such as Books, House, Press, Publishers and abbreviations such as Co., Corp., Inc., and Ltd.  However, when citing a university press, always add the abbreviation P (e.g., Iowa State UP).  When a publisher’s name includes the name of a single person, cite the surname alone (e.g. John Wiley would be cited Wiley).  If the publisher’s name includes the names of more than one person, cite only the first of the surnames (e.g., Prentice Hall would be cited Prentice). (See pp. 151 & 247, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, Two or More Authors (5.5.4)

Brym, Robert J., John Lie, and Steven Rytina. Sociology: Your Compass for a

      New World. Toronto: Nelson Educational, 2010. Print.

Cite the author’s names in the same order as they appear on the title page or journal citation even if it is not in alphabetical order.  Reverse the name of only the first author. (See p. 154, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, Corporate Author (5.5.5)

Canadian Health Information Management Association. Fundamentals of

      Health Information Management. Ottawa: Canadian Healthcare

      Association, 2009. Print.

Leave out the initial article and do not abbreviate the corporate author name.  (See p. 156, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, No Author (5.5.9)

American Heritage Dictionary for Learners of English. Boston: Houghton,

         2002. Print.

Book, One Editor (5.5.2)

Gryzb, Amanda F., ed. The World and Darfur: International Response to

      Crimes Against Humanity in Western Sudan. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s

       UP, 2009. Print.

Book, Two or More Editors (5.5.4)

Kowaluk, Lucia and Steven Staples, eds. Afghanistan and Canada: Is There

      an Alternative to War? Montreal: Black Rose, 2009. Print.

When there is more than one editor use eds. after the editors’ names. (See p. 154, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, Published in a Second or Subsequent Edition (5.5.13)

Taylor, Robert L. Psychological Masquerade: Distinguishing Psychological

        from Organic Disorders. 3rd ed. New York: Springer, 2007. Print.

Book, Book in Translation (5.5.11)

Paz, Octavio. In Light of India. Trans. Eliot Weinberger. New York: Harcourt,

      1997. Print.

If the book has both an editor and a translator, give the names with the appropriate abbreviations (Ed., Trans.) in the order that they appear on the book’s title page. (See p. 164, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, Chapters and Works in Anthologies With an Author (5.5.6)

Brant, Beth. “Coyote Learns a New Trick.” An Anthology of Canadian Native

       Literature in English. Ed. Daniel David Moses and Terry Goldie. Toronto:

       Oxford UP, 1992. 148-150. Print

Begin the entry with the author and title of the piece (essay, poem, short story etc.). (See p. 157, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Book, Chapters and Works in Anthologies Without an Author (5.5.6)

“Is Abortion Immoral?”  Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Bioethical Issues.

      14th ed. Ed. Carol Levine. New York: McGraw Hill, 2012. 132-133. Print.

Book, Online (5.6.2c)

Shaw, Bernard. Pygmalion. New York: Brentano, 1916. Web.

            25 Mar. 2009.


Barrett, Louise. Beyond the Brain: How Body and Environment Shape Animal

            and Human Minds. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2011. MyiLibrary. Web.

            19 April 2012.

Begin the entry with the details about the print publication if it is available.  Follow this with the title of the web site or database which it appears, the medium, and your date of access. (See p. 187, MLA Handbook, 2009)

Encyclopedia or Dictionary, Online (5.6.2)

Bumsted, J.M. “Red River Rebellion.” The Canadian Encyclopedia. Historica

             Foundation of Canada, 2009. Web. 23 July 2009.


Alcatraz.” The Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Oxford UP, 2009.

            Web. 21 July 2009.

Article in a Reference Book, Signed (5.5.7)

Reynolds, Frank E. “The Buddha and Buddhism.” The Encyclopaedia

    Britannica: Macropedia. 15th ed. 2005. Print. 

Article in a Reference Book, Unsigned (5.5.7)

"Vancouver Island.” The Encyclopedia Americana. 1989 ed. Print.

Do not give the full publication information if the reference work is widely used.  If a reference work is not well known, provide the full publication information. (See p. 160, MLA Handbook, 2009)