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MLA Style (7th Ed.): Paper Format/Guidelines

Tips for Writing the Works Cited List

This is a list of all the sources you have used to research your paper.

  1. The list of works cited appears on a separate page at the end of the essay.  It is titled (centred, no quotation marks, no underline):

    Works Cited

  2. The list is arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name, or, if there is no author, by the first word in the title. When arranging the list ignore, but do not omit, “The”, “An” or “A” at the beginning of the title.

  3. After the first line each entry is indented ½ inch or 5 spaces.  Each entry presents information in a specific order:  the author’s name, the title, the publication information.

  4. Double-space the entire list, both between and within entries.

  5. If a book does not give the publisher, or the place or date, then give what information you might know in square brackets [ ]. Use the abbreviation n.p. if the publisher or the place is not known.  If the date is not obvious then use the abbreviation n.d.  The abbreviation n.pag. indicates the absence of page references.

  6. The medium of publication must be listed for every entry in the list of works cited (e.g., Print, Web, DVD).

  7. Citations must appear both in the text of your paper (in-text citations) and in the works cited list at the end of your paper.