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APA Citation Style Guide (6th ed.): Open Textbooks

Open Textbooks

OpenStax and BCcampus are the most widely used open textbook publishers at Douglas College.  They each offer slightly different suggestions for citing their publications.  Print versions should follow these formats and include the text's URL if available (provided on the text's publication page).


Note- The APA manual does not provide instructions on how to cite open textbooks.  These examples are based on the library's and the individual open textbook publisher's recommendations on how to cite them in an APA format.  We suggest that you check with your instructor first.

BCcampus Examples

McCartney, S., & Parent, R. (2015). Ethics in law enforcement. Victoria,

BC: BCcampus. Retrieved from




Melrose, S., Dusome, D., Simpson, J., Crocker, C., & Athens, E. (2015).

Supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Vancouver, BC: BCcampus. Retrieved from




Little, W. (2016). Introduction to sociology (2nd Cdn. ed.). BCcampus. 

Retrieved from


This book does not provide place of publication in its bibliographic information.



OpenStax Examples

OpenStax College. (2014, March 19). Principles of macroeconomics.

OpenStax College. Retrieved from http:////



OpenStax College (2013, April 25). Anatomy and physiology. OpenStax

College. Retrieved from