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APA Citation Style Guide (6th ed.): Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources (One Source Quoted in Another)

APA recommends one avoid secondary sources when possible.  However, if it is not possible to track down the original work, it is okay to cite a secondary source. (APA Style Blog,


In Text

In Warkinton’s study (as cited in Roberts, Jones & Munroe, 2014), children’s cognitive growth and development …


Roberts, Jones & Munroe (2014) examined Warkinton’s study on children’s cognitive growth and development……


Reference List

Roberts, M., Jones, R.L., & Munroe, N. (2014).  Children and cognition and

the development of language. Psychological Reports, 19(7), 412-419.


In the text acknowledge the original work (e.g. Warkinton’s study).  Provide a citation for the secondary source in the reference list.  The secondary source is the source that you have (where you obtained your information).  In the example above the secondary source is by Roberts, Jones & Munroe.  Do NOT provide a citation for the original work in the reference list (e.g. Warkinton’s study). (Publication manual, 2010, p. 178)